l i s t e n

Angel eyes (Dennis/Brent) Click here to play
Usually sung as a ballad, we've spiced it up but it still retains that eerie and obsessive feel.
My funny valentine (Rodgers/Hart) Click here to play
A great song sung by all the greats, it's also been given every treatment - ballad, swing, fast, slow. Here we play it as a medium swing number.
The lies of handsome men (Francesca Blumenthal) Click here to play
We've drawn on Blossom Dearie's arrangement of this ballad which is both poignant and witty - the lyrics show great insight into the female psyche.
A beautiful friendship (Kahn/Styne) Click here to play
A jazz standard, but surprisingly not sung as widely as other songs. Here we do it as a straight swing number.
How insensitive (Antonio Carlos Jobim) Click here to play
A well known bossa by the composer of "The Girl from Ipanema".

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